Refurbished Yaletown Lobby

Project Details

Working closely with the 5-member Lobby Committee for a Yaletown condo building, we developed a concept for updating the image of a the lobby. Many divergent ideas and concerns were factored in, including:

- the provision of seating, while discouraging lingering

- screening the fire control panel, yet allowing firemen to clearly see it

The mandate was also to keep the existing floor and wall tiles, chandelier ceiling light and mail room cabinetry. Working with the existing materials and colours, we added texture and form to create a stronger identity for the entry lobby, elevator lobby and mail room. New components included a new wood screen to limit visibility of the fire panel, a solid surface linear bench with limited padded seating, new countertop for mail room, new light fixtures, new feature wall panels and mirror for lobby and new durable wallpaper for the elevator lobby and mail room. The result was durability and sparkle for a revamped, modern look.

Project Team

Architects / Interior Designers: Wendy Andrews & Greg Andrews, The Andrews Architects Inc.

Millwork Company: Oscar Grann's Furniture Ltd.

We're all loving the lobby and still get wonderful comments every day from owners!