The City of Richmond and a local builder, Penta Builders Group Inc. have teamed together to renovate one of the early 1900's homes in Steveston, BC.  The house was carefully stripped down and will be re-assembled to capture the feel of the original building.

The building, a former office for the Japanese hospital and school dating from the 1890's, was already relocated to just north of the Steveston Museum when our firm became involved with the project.

During his years with DGBK Architects, Greg worked as Associate Architect with partners Fred Dalla-Lana, Ray Griffin and Sebastian Butler to develop unique designs for various schools throughout British Columbia.

As Associate Architect at Dalla-Lana Griffin Architects (later to become DGBK Architects), Greg worked with partners Fred Dalla-Lana and Ray Griffin to develop designs for various places of worship throughout British Columbia.

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