Green Line Hose & Fittings Ltd. - Venables

Project Details

A unique industrial business with both a warehouse and retail function required an update.  This building was originally the head office, but with shifting priorities, many of the spaces had become "lost in time".  The client wanted to renovate due to the central location of the property and in order to appeal to a very loyal clientelle.

The first priority was to address building code issues and to revamp the programming of spaces.  An updated look to both the exterior and interior office and sales desk provides a prototype for other locations across the country.  The warehouse area was shifted slightly in order to account for newer shelving and warehousing methods. The industrial theme of the products was reflected in the design and in the choice of materials: functional and yet whimsical.  A challenge for the contractor was phasing the work while avoiding business stoppage.  Now that the "dust has settled", the manager and sales staff seem to enjoy their new digs!

Project Team:

Architect: Greg Andrews, The Andrews Architects Inc.

Interior Designer: Wendy Andrews, The Andrews Architects Inc.

Structural Engineer: Clinton Yui, Ennova Structural Engineers Inc.

Contractor:  David Goertz, Campion Construction Ltd.