A unique industrial business with both a warehouse and retail function required an update.  This building was originally the head office, but with shifting priorities, many of the spaces had become "lost in time".

Our second project with Green Line Hose & Fittings Ltd. was to revamp the sales area of the head office. We found a large room scattered with desks and merchandise, with many routes through to the warehouse.

We recieved a phone call from a local Contractor asking if we could shephard his "favour to a friend", a new storage warehouse, through the city bureaucracy. Given that we knew all of the players and had worked with the retained Structural Engineer, we easily agreed.

The Andrews Architects Inc. have the privilege of consulting with many colleagues in the design field.  The projects shown in this category are a representation of our work with good friend Donald Yen, Architect AIBC of Urban Solutions Architecture.

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