The Design and Construction Process can be daunting for the homeowner, or even for the veteren business person.  As Architects, we're here to guide you through it!  If you plan to hire an architect to design your next new home or renovation, please request our pamphlet "Single Family Residential Design Process".  Larger projects follow a similar process; they simply take longer, involve more consultants, and require more reviews and approvals from the appropriate authorities.  While every project is unique, here is a sampling of the typical process:


STEP 1: Initial Interview/Consultation

Whether by Interview or Consultation, the first step is a discussion of your wish list, budget, possible zoning and/or building code implications, and how our design services may be of help. We welcome you to meet us at our office to discuss your needs and to see our studio operation, or for a small fee, we offer on-site consultations. Please contact us to start the process!

STEP 2: Feasibility Study

For most projects, we recommend starting with a general exploration of the design possibilities.  Usually for a fixed fee, this Feasibility Study includes a summary of the program / wish list, a zoning analysis, preliminary sketch drawings and budget, and a fee proposal for ongoing architectural services.  The Feasibility Study gives you a good "plan of action" for the work ahead.

STEP 2a: Rezoning/Board of Variance/Development Permit

Your project may require Special Approvals prior to the building permit application.  We're there to advise you on this process and to guide you through it.

STEP 3: Ongoing Architectural Services

This next step is the design and documentation of your project for building permit and construction.  This Architectural Service must be tailored to your specific needs.  The direction of this service is usually identified during the Feasibility Study, at which time we're able to establish the scope of work and provide you with the appropriate service package.  We pride ourselves on good design, clear and thorough documentation, cost effective solutions, and conscientious construction admin. services.


We are pleased to offer an optional Interior Design service (both residential and commercial) for your project: helping in the selection of materials, designing millwork and interior spaces, and documenting the selections.  Please call or email to discuss our unique and organized service!

OPTIONAL SERVICE: Landscape Design

Working with our colleague Michelle Netrval, we are pleased to offer our residential clients Landscape Design as a schematic layout or with planting and construction detail, depending on your needs.

There are many "players" that make up the design and construction team, which vary according to the project needs. We'd be pleased to find out more about your project, to develop the consultant team and process to best serve your needs.